Saltwater Generators

Nature2 DuoClear    BEST SELLER!!

Imagine not having to buy or store chlorine on a regular basis again. Imagine not having to constantly monitor and balance your pool water. It’s possible with DuoClear, the new revolution in salt systems. The DuoClear system utilizes Nature2® Mineral Purification and Zodiac®! Salt Water Chlorination technologies, two of the leading pool sanitizing systems on the market. The innovative use of these technologies provides an extraordinarily efficient, and effective sanitizing system that actually leaves pool water feeling fresher and gentler than you ever thought possible — automatically! Visit Zodiac Systems to learn more

Aqua Rite

Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generators (also known as salt chlorinators) are the largest selling system in the world. They automatically produce pure chlorine every day while the pool is being filtered and distribute it evenly throughout the pool via the return jets. Visit Hayward Pool Products to learn more

Aqua Rite Low Salt

The Aqua Rite Low Salt Chlorine Generator from Hayward offers the same simple, safe and affordable approach to pool sanitization that you would expect from the original Aqua Rite, but uses virtually half the amount of salt, making it an even more environmentally friendly approach to salt chlorine generation. Visit Hayward Pool Products to learn more


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