small rectangular pool with rock fence in background

Automatic Controls


Aqua Plus Controls

Aqua Plus makes owning a pool fun and healthy with easy, convenient pool automation and safe electronic chlorine generation. It automatically generates its own chlorine using ordinary table salt for pools up to 40,000 gallons. Aqua Plus offers user friendly and cost effective automation. Visit Hayward Canada to learn more


Sense and Dispense

What if your pool could self adjust, automatically test its own chemistry, and balance and sanitize your water? What if it always knew what the water needed and adjusted continuously, eliminating unhealthy highs and lows? Ensuring brilliant, balanced water all the time, automatically. You can get your water and maintenance time in balance with Goldline Controls®Visit Hayward Canada to learn more


Aqua Pod

Totally programmable and fully rechargeable, Aqua Pod isn’t just water resistant, it’s completely waterproof. Aqua Pod can be used indoors, outdoors – right into the pool! When teamed with Pro Logic® pool and spa automation controls, it offers unique control over everything from custom lightshows to all pool and spa functions. The large back-lit LCD display offers easy viewing of pool and spa status as well as settings and temperatures. Visit Hayward Canada to learn more


Pro Logic Total Pool Control

Wouldn’t it be great if with the simple touch of a button you could control your pool and spa water temperature, lighting, pH, filtering…and more? Pro Logic® the energy solution to complete pool automation is a scalable, flexible Total Pool Management control that makes all this reality. Visit Hayward Canada to learn more


Aqua Solar

Conserving energy, reducing pollution and going Green is in everyone’s best interest. With Goldline Controls’ Solar Combos, you’ll be doing your part because solar controls are as environmentally responsible as they are high performance and user friendly. Visit Hayward Canada to learn more



It doesn’t matter how simple or elaborate a pool is, they’re all made to relax in, not work on. That’s why we’ve introduced OnCommand™. It brings the luxury of automating pool, spa and other backyard functions to owners who thought that pool automation was unaffordable. Visit Hayward Canada to learn more