Pool Decking Concrete Texturing

Concrete texturing, generally called imprinted or textured concrete is a technique of concrete finishing that outlines a view of natural stone, such as flagstone or slate, brick, and even wood. This can both a more pleasing look to your pool surround as well as adding a safer surface, reducing chance for slipping.

Extra Concrete

As a standard, Pools by Angelo supplies a 3-1/2 foot wide concrete pad surround to the perimeter of the pool. This pad is strenthened by using proper grading below and aprox 4″ thickness with a rebar web integration. There is an up-charge to increasing this size, as well as adding a patio or walkways.


With Cantilever coping the concrete is extended over the edge and covers the pools shell giving the pool a high-end finished look.


Our standard coping is a vinyl overlay protecting the top of the pool liner.



Coping separates the swimming pool shell from the surrounding surface area and helps to protect the pool structure. Coping is designed to stop water from getting behind the pool shell and, if coping is installed properly, water that is splashed out should flow away from the pool and down into the nearby drains.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

At Pools By Angelo, we recommend the Polaris P945 robotic pool cleaner. It features a rear water cleaning stream which blows debris off stairs and out of tight corners. Its over-sized suction intake allows it to ingest larger debris effortlessly. With durable Aqua-Trac tires and Vortex Vacuum Technology, the P945 tackles any pool terrain and climbs over obstacles without getting stuck. It cleans all pool surface types and scrubs the floor, steps, walls, and tile line with a pleated scrubbing brush in as little as 1.5 hours.

The P945 cleans pools up to 50′ in length. It includes a new premium, compact transport caddy that can be assembled in just minutes without using any tools. Model is backed by a 2 year limited warranty.

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable-speed pumps are the ultimate way to save energy while enjoying your pool. Most other variable speed models, however, are oversized when compared to medium-head pumps such as Hayward’s Super Pump VS. The Super Pump VS features an ENERGY STAR rating, is right-sized, particularly for applications with 1.5-inch plumbing, providing tremendous energy savings that result in an even faster return on your investment. The new intuitive time-clock makes programming even easier. The 2-way rotatable user interface is always easy to read & operate and the new wiring compartment allows for quick and reliable installations. Super Pump VS provides customizable speed, start/stop times, and priming time to match the needs of both aftermarket and new construction installations. Advanced permanent magnet and totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor technologies provide incredible energy efficiency and reliability. Upgrade and save with Super Pump VS!

VS Omni™ Variable-Speed Pumps: These cutting-edge pumps offer the same amazing benefits as the rest of our VS pump family, but they also come with an OmniHub™ system, giving you total pool & spa control from anywhere—right from your smartphone or Alexa® voice control.

OmniHub Smart Pool & Spa Control: Looking to upgrade your pump? Add the power of total control to your existing VS pump—and the rest of your pool equipment—with a standalone OmniHub system. It’s simple to connect with your pool pad and installs in just a few hours.


Pools By Angelo offers two general types of step categories for inground pools: vinyl-over and Fiberglass molded pool steps. Both use the finest construction designs and materials and are backed by industry-leading warranties, which provide years of enjoyment within your pool.

Vinyl-Over steps allow for both standard stairs and custom-designed solutions for current and future pool features within the perimeter of your pool while molded steps offer specific step shapes that are added beyond the pool walls. The two key decision factors between the methods tend to be imagination and budget.


Vinyl over stairs

Jets in Steps

It’s important for safety reasons to keep your steps clean and jets help to circulate your water over the stairs, help to prevent algae build and preventing debris for landing there . This is important as good water circulation allows your pool to filter properly and proper filtration keeps your pool clean and algae at bay.

Spill-over Tub

A spillover tub is a hot tub that is connected to your pool. This allows you to both take a dip into your pool, and enjoy your spa and bask in the heated water and jets without ever leaving.


A sun ledge (also called a tanning shelf, baja shelf, or sun shelf) is a very shallow shelf in the pool that is usually at least 5 feet wide and 9 inches deep. This shelf acts as an entry point to your pool and can span its full or partial width. I can be helpful as well for parents with small children, giving them an area for supervised play allowing them to touch bottom.

Deck Jet Fountains

When installed on a deck or patio area, Deck Jets form attractive arches of water that cascade into a pool or spa. The Deck Jets can be installed in almost any combination and are adjustable up to 360°. This can create beautiful water effects that can be easily changed, allowing you to set any mood desired for playtime or a special event.

Pool Deck Border

Your pool’s deck is generally a smooth or textured poured concrete. Often the client desires to have a decorative transition on either the inner deck, (adjascent to the pool) or on the outer deck (adjascent to the lawns, gardens, hedges). Often the inner deck border is the same as the coping, however many times there can be a transition between the coping and the poured deck. The options can be endless, however the standards are a unique texturing of the concrete, stone, or paving brick.