Fantom Spa

Fantom: the spa that meets your needs.

The latest addition to our spa collection, and not the least… Over the last few years, we’ve analyzed the roto-molded spa market, listened to the comments of our many customers and studied the spas the industry had to offer. Our vision: create a hassle-free spa with a unique visual and comfort adapted to the physiognomy of the majority of consumers.

A hassle-free spa begins with the preparation of your project. To make things easier, the Fantom spa quickly connects to 120V without the need of an electrician. It is also easily convertible to 240V, with the help of a certified technician, if you change your mind. No ground preparation is required. It can be placed on a well-leveled surface: lawn, wooden deck, slabs, entrance, etc.; a true hassle-free spa. In addition to being a spa for your peace of mind, the Fantom spa presents a current and trendy look. Its interior space has been designed to offer unique moments of relaxation with family or friends. Featuring a comfortable bed designed for people between 5 ‘and 6’3”, and with a molding that inspires relaxation, the armrests are positioned to support each side of your body as needed. The angle at your knees has been designed according to the state of weightlessness in water, thus avoiding the impression of being buoyant in the water. Thus positioned, relaxation is a sure thing.

The four (4) other interior seats are perfectly configured to ensure optimal positioning of your back. Each seat has its own type of massage, back angle, and knee position. Our spa features a unique type of triangulation massage; each jet gap is different from top to bottom and bottom to the top, providing a unique massage experience at every seat. We also thought to create a cornerback curve for one of the four seats to allow you to lie sideways, creating a versatile and comfortable extra bed. We believe that light is important to our well-being; that’s why the Fantom features a cascading waterfall with four (4) LED lights, main light, as well as outdoor corner lights.

The Fantom will not escape your notice.

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